Pros and cons of dating someone in the military

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  2. Pros and cons of dating.someone in the military?
  3. What are the pros and cons when you're dating a military man?
  4. Pros And Cons Of Dating Someone In The Military – No Interracial Dating

Not a lot of pros. In fact none I can think of.

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Me, 24 years in the US Army so far. If you love him. It won't matter but: You'll both be in the Armed Forces so what does it matter? If you aren't married then your relationship means nothing to the government. Pros and cons of military life? Pros and Cons of making the military a career?

Why are you asking? I am married to a soldier, been together almost 9 years.

Pros and cons of dating.someone in the military?

You get to travel. You learn to make friends from scratch. You learn to problem solve, relationship, kids, money, everything is on you He just focuses on his job. He might complain a lot if he has to help you, as his job is demanding enough on him.

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Curious of your intentions, are you asking for you or a friend? Are you asking because you are dating someone in the military?

  1. What are the pros and cons when you're dating a military man? - GirlsAskGuys?
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They are gone all the time, months at a time, you belong to the government and your mate can get plucked away, months at a time, at the whim of the government and you'd have to move all the time at the whim of the government. You'd be in a big time LDR and the temptation to cheat with someone who was physically present will be a thing each of you will have to confront. Which country's military are we talking about? A lot of girlfriends have a hard time dealing with the deployments and field exercises that take place, including what feels to them like uncertainty.

On the plus side, his paycheck is secure.

Dating A Military Man - 15 Important Things You Nees To Know!

OK, I can definitely comment on that. It's usually much better to be a miitary guy's wife than his girlfriend because you will be able to live with him and other benefits. The other things I mentioned still apply. Just remember that he is US government property and they can make him work anytime and send him anywhere they want, which, as I mentioned, is very tough for girlfriends. He has access to money which is good for you. But he isn't very in touch with civilian life.

What are the pros and cons when you're dating a military man?

You would be forced to move every three or so years todifferent places across the country to if you plan on long term. He would likely cheat with foreign women.

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Steve37 My dad was in the military. Steve37 I guess so. I would say a pro is how proud of your partner for standing up for you and your country. There's the chance they could be killed in action or taken prisoner, and you'll be lonely a lot.

Everyone should go through a deployment while dating the person they plan to marry. I have rarely seen the distance be a problem in military relationships. I might be wrong, but it would make sense if military personnel also. In many cases Ive seen members marry because theyve been dating.

Pros And Cons Of Dating Someone In The Military – No Interracial Dating

Dating Someone with HPV. In male-female relationships and dating, while many men just want to marry women who are younger than them, some choose older ones for. Living in hawaii as a military spouse. Each day, thousands of military men and women are searching for their significant.