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Care to give reasons? I am engaged to get married in a month. My fiance and I more than once have made the mistake of sleeping together. Every time it happens I feel terrible even feel depressed. I am a leader for a smal womens group at my church and I am considering giving it up. What should I do and will God punish me for failing to fullfil his purpose for me as a womens leader? Totally agree Pete, and I have seen even godly Christians who have made this mistake and regret it later…. I think a bigger issue is: Or if one or the other is dating someone or worse yet, married!

I would think if they were just friends, why not bring others along with them, or wait until others are willing to join them before they go. I find this very helpful! I was just given a condition where I might have to sacrifice my fellowship time for work. This article has just refreshed my sense of priority and reminded me to be a good example for the younger Christians. God just wants you to be happy.

Therefore we can find happiness in obedience to God even if it means sacrificing some worldly gained happiness.

He Said-She Said: Unmarried and Vacationing Together - Christian Dating, Singles

So question these rules every time you hear of one and go straight to the bible to see if it is a useful rule or not. I think Pete has given us a good indication of what God has to say about this particular situation. What happens if my happiness goes directly against scripture and Gods word.

Extreme examples, I feel happy beating people up? Does God want ME to be happy when i do these things? Does God want me to do these things? He wants me to turn from my sin, repent and follow Christ. Liv does not equal fail. It is for silliness like that that there is such a lack of accord in the Body.

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What the world needs is a Church that can stand unified. Remember, you are His face on this earth, and you may be the only Bible someone who is lost reads. May God continue to teach us all to walk in love. Actually, God wants his people to be holy over being happy. Happiness is not what God is after. No where in the Bible does He declare that He wants His kids to be grinning ear to ear happy. He wants His kids to be joyous in Him. Joy and happiness is not the same thing.

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On a human level they look the same, and in dictionaries, they are interpreted the same, but it is not. Concerning trials and tribulations, it is possible because of God to have joy because HE fills us up.

Christian dating vacation

No one is happy in a trial. God wants us to be pure, righteous, blameless. The simple truth is, God is more interested in our holiness than in our happiness. So, do seriously re-consider our stand when the world says: I think it could be unwise for women to assume we can resist sexual temptation. Many a young girl has been caught off guard by intense feelings and made a decision she regrets. Hi Nick, thanks for your comments. I agree that there are lots of opportunities for Christian couples who want to sleep together to do so, without having to travel together.

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However, I would think that the lack of accountability and setting tends to make that struggle for purity more difficult assuming again they want to be pure. So many people are in a holding pattern, too scared to commit but too deeply invested to break up. Also, it still stands what Pete said about being above reproach and setting a good example for both younger Christians and for your non-Christian friends.

While that does appear to put more emphasis on the appearance of purity than on purity itself, they are both important things to be working towards. I have also noticed an increase in the attitude between young christian unmarried couples that being engaged is a committed relationship therefore sex is ok.

THEY are the ones that need to do some reassessing. FYI i am catholic, so are both my parents. Then why should it be killed? Abortion is always wrong, except when the baby is actually endangering the life of the mother. It causes both emotional and physical problems either immediately or later in life. Hi Jess, I am sorry if I have come across or have represented that nasty strand of Christianity that you seem to find paranoid, close-minded and hypocritical.

Thanks for posting up your thoughts. How could you say that you are Catholic and go against everything that the Catholic Church teaches?

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Firstly, abortion is never okay — killing of an innocent unborn child is definitely in the Ten Commandments and there are no exceptions to the foundation of the teachings of the Catholic Church nor in the foundation of Christian Teaching. Purity is strongly encouraged and a must not because religion is rigid, but because it is the best gift of love that a couple can give one another.

Questions to ask online dating christian

The Catholic Church is against pre-marital sex and strongly encourages purity and self-control before and after marriage. Sex is a loving commitment to one another with the intention of giving life. I really agree with Pete in all his points against Christian couples not holidaying together. We are told to imitate Christ always, do you see Jesus Christ being a minimalist?

Jess, you say that marriage is just some signatures on a certificate? Marriage is a sacrament, a sacred act from God between a man and a woman who consent in giving themselves to each other and each other only for the rest of their lives — for better or worse.

Be social: local groups and events

It is a promise between them and a promise to God who blesses and watches over their commitment to one another. I am Catholic and go ask your Parish Priest or Bishop if you have any questions, because you clearly do not know your faith very well. Very well though out reply. I agree with Pastor Pete, and you also. I realized that no one has yet talked about your first point.

The faith that we preach of is not faith in each other. I have faith in God that he has control over everything and His plans are not to harm me Jer Even though we are fallible and not worth of trust, He made us worthy through His blood and through His grace. I believe that Pastor Pete is preaching not based on His righteousness or His own merits but solely on the grace and righteousness of God. Not by his own authority but by HIS authority which is through the word. Do you think that the same rules should apply to everyone? And like a marriage relationship, though there are certain basic rules such as no cheating, most of it is lived out in pursuit of wisdom and love.

But I would prefer if objections can be made on the basis of the Bible and simply upon personal experience or preferences. Any adult couple can quite easily be alone together as much as they want without others realising, wether they are on a holiday or not.